Patricia Sabga has ghost authored three books for British Special Forces veteran Bob Shepherd. Their first collaboration, The Circuit, was published by Pan Macmillan UK and became a Sunday Times Top Ten non-fiction bestseller.  They’ve also collaborated on two critically acclaimed novels published by Simon & Schuster UK including The Infidel and The Good Jihadist. 



The Circuit

“…this is a mature, experienced and grassroots view of the dirty, and dangerous, work involved in filling our television screens each evening with updates from the world’s troublespots. It also provides much food for thought about counter-insurgency doctrine and practice in complex human terrain. Finally, he raises the important issue of how the extensive use of private security contractors is increasingly counter-productive to the winning of counter-insurgency wars…”



infidel-amazon“The Infidel is an intelligent can’t-put-it-down adventure story written by an author who knows the heart and guts of NATO’s war in Afghanistan. If you want to know what we’re up against, read this book.”  Karl Marlantes- Author of Matterhorn

“An old Afghan hand, Bob’s fingertips drip with the detail readers devour – from  weapons and tactics to people and places. However, his knowledge is bang up to date and his insight into the political and social effects of military campaigns rival any Newsnight commentator.More than that, Bob’s a great soldier who’s also a great storyteller. His characters are believable, his plot is epic in scale and his style blends muscle with understanding. This book is as comfortable on a shelf beside Kipling, Conan Doyle and Conrad as it is beside McNab, Ryan or Lee Child.”   Stephen ArmstrongSunday Times journalist and author of War plc


The Good Jihadist“breathless…masterful…”     Military History Monthly

“Matt Logan leaps from the page as a man certain of his abilities, but unsure of his motives. He is a compelling character whose very flaws help guide us through the treacherous landscape where journalism, war, espionage, diplomacy and the secret world of the Special Forces collide.  The results are explosive, the outcome never certain, the tension constant.” –Tim Marshall, Foreign Affairs Editor, SKY News

“a gripping read…plenty of daring do, and it reeks of authenticity…” –Sunday Mercury

“a privileged perspective on a world of woes…the action and atmosphere reek of authenticity, as you would expect from a man with boots-on-the-ground experience…” –Birmingham Post