Patricia Sabga has covered Wall Street to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. An award-winning business journalist and bestselling author, she specializes in distilling economic and geopolitical subjects into gripping, multi-format narratives that are accessible to all audiences. 

Patricia is currently the Managing Business Editor for Al Jazeera Digital where she created the vision and strategy for the organization’s first business and economics vertical spanning text, audio, and video platforms.  An experienced correspondent, editorial manager, and newsroom leader, she has also worked for PBS NewsHour Weekend, Al Jazeera America, NBC News, CNBC, and CNN. 

Patricia has co-authored three books with her husband, SAS veteran Bob Shepherd. Their first collaboration, The Circuit, exposed malpractice in the private security industry and became a Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller in hardback and paperback. They also co-authored the critically acclaimed novels The Infidel and The Good Jihadist. 

Patricia’s work is grounded in a body of scholarship that includes an MA in International Relations and International Economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS where she graduated with distinction in Middle East Studies.